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Pregnancy Journal: week 4

6/11/18 (4 weeks): Today marks 4 weeks! It already feels like an eternity, but it’s only been a few days since we found out.

Pregnancy tests are darkening, we are telling family, and the gender predictions are coming in already. ? Ben is convinced we’re having twins-a boy and a girl. ? Well that would make life interesting lol!

I’ve been having this crazy shortness of breath, and of course my nurse brain starts thinking things like “oh my gosh I have a PE!” but it turns out progesterone can cause that! ?

We prayed and feel like God wants us to announce this pregnancy early, and not plan out of fear of what may or may not happen, so plans are being made for a Father’s Day announcement. ❤

6/12/18 (4w1d): Today, I discovered how unpleasant it is to puke in an RV toilet. ??

6/14/18 (4w3d): The doubt started to hit, but my prayer team friends sent that spirit packing!!!! God’s got this!

6/16/18 (4w5d): Today, I woke up with pretty intense cramping, and started to worry. It turns out it was just gas. Really, really bad gas. ???‍♀️?

Today, we also took pics for announcing! They aren’t professional, by any stretch of the imagination, and the weather happened to be overcast and dark the one day it’s been that way since we even moved back to AZ, but we took them anyway! Remote and all! ?

6/17/18 (4w6d): Father’s Day!!

Yay! Today, we told the world! Despite our clear instructions not to send us judgment or advice, we received several messages with ridiculous judgy content, and (not friendly) interrogations. ??‍♀️ I suppose there will always be those. (Also, if you sent a message with advice and then apologized and clarified that you weren’t meaning to tell us what to do, it’s not you I’m talking about. Lol the only ones who apologized for their advice were the ones who didn’t need to!)

It feels good to have an announcement and to celebrate. We’ve been robbed of that with all our other babies. ? In fact, 4 years ago, we were pregnant the longest we’d made it, we were on all the right supplements and meds for the problems we’d found, and were hopeful. It was the first grandchild on my side, so I bought shirts for Ben and my dad, and we planned a big Father’s Day celebration, only to find out two days before that our baby was dead. It was horrible, one of the worst times in my whole life. Since that time, we didn’t dare get our hopes up for any of our babies! But this time is different. This time, we’ve had a year to grow in God, learn about his nature and desires for us, and work on healing soul wounds. We’ve witnessed miracles in our lives and those around us, growing our faith that God does indeed do miracles in this day and age.

It’s time.

It’s time for our miracle. ❤

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