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I LOVE to recommend other businesses and products that I love, trust, and have had good experience with! =D This is just a list of all my favorites in one place, some have special deals attached through affiliate links, some are just businesses I can’t live without, and, well…you get the idea. 😉

*CinchShare is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business! It’s a post scheduling program, but SO much more! (You can check out my review of it and a little bit about how it works right here)  You can use my referral link:   and code “CSFree” for 5 WEEKS FREE! =D

*Instant Pots! You guys know how much I LOVE my Instant Pots! I literally couldn’t bear to have only one, so although I owned (and regularly used) 3, I keep 2 in our RV and use them DAILY! They’re a lifesaver, and I hope to showcase a lot more about them! You can shop them on amazon here:

*Project Broadcast is an amazing texting service that offers more features and support than any of the high-end services I checked into, yet their pricing is affordable, especially for the smaller business guys like me! I can’t rave enough abut the flexibility and usability of this service! I’m hoping to do a formal review of this soon! In the mean time, you can use this link to get 500 free credits:

*Zenni is where I get my glasses now! Since my toddler broke my $350 pair of glasses, I just don’t get the expensive ones anymore, and I don’t have to! Ordering direct from Zenni is easy…they even have a try it on simulator that is pretty dang accurate (you even hold up a credit card to your forehead so they can gauge size haha)! I can get several pairs, including transition lenses and blue blokz, for the same price as ONE pair used to cost me! This way, I have a backup pair, and can even try fun and different styles, and get prescription sunglasses, too! Use my link to give yourself $5 off, and they’ll send me $5 off my next order, too:

Stay tuned for more! =D