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How does Elderberry Syrup work?

It’s Elderberry Syrup time again! We don’t want the sicknesses floating around lol!

Here is a really cool (and short, don’t worry 😉) article explaining how it actually does prevent and treat the flu! We have had great success in preventing (and shortening the duration when we’ve slacked on preventative lol) sickness with this!…/study-elderberries-block-flu-vi…/…

Here is my favorite immune-boosting recipe:…/

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Traveling with cloth diapers

Several people have asked me about traveling with cloth diapers, since it does seem daunting. While some people prefer to just use disposables on the go (understandable, or even necessary, depending on many factors), we have been able to use cloth on our few trips. I’ve even washed them in a hotel bathtub lol! More on that coming down the road, but for now, here is how I packed for a quick 4 day, 3 night trip…

  • 24 diapers (mix of prefolds/flats and covers, and pockets with inserts)
  • 4 nighttime diapers (1 extra because inevitably some weird poop will happen right after being put into the nighttime diaper lol)
  • 40 wipes
  • 5 travel wet bags
  • 2 changing pads
  • 5 extra prefolds/flats for good measure

I also brought a collapsible bin and our cloth diaper plunger-washer thing (see links below) just in case we needed to hand wash a few things-they’re super easy to use in the tub. =)

It worked out really well, and we ended up not using everything we brought, but it wasn’t super overkill, either, so I was pretty happy with it. As Gidz is still mostly breastfed, we didn’t have to worry much about poop, however, I plan to use disposable liners when we travel in the future to help cut down on rinsing needed, and I might need to use the ol’ dunk ‘n’ swish method, oooo fun. *insert eyeroll* lol

Anyway, I have loved traveling with cloth, as we never have blowouts or leaks in them, as opposed to the horrible time we’ve had with disposables at home (I can’t imagine traveling in them, honestly). =) I highly recommend! Have you traveled with cloth? What is your system/process? Any recommendations or suggestions?

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My favorite cloth diapers: (save 25% with code JESSICA25 at checkout)

Instant Pot Elderberry Syrup

Ok guys, this stuff is magic! I know that some people think it’s hippie-dippy, but I made my first batch when I was 34 weeks pregnant and my husband got really sick with Pneumonia. I didn’t want to get it (obviously), and I had already had some pre-term labor scares, so I was desperate.
I made my first batch, it was amazing, and I took my daily ration faithfully and didn’t catch a thing! Plus, my hubby took it and I swear it’s the only reason he recovered from his severe case of pneumonia so quickly! (As a nurse, I’ve never seen that happen-it always lasts awhile, even in healthy people!) He took his dosage frequently until he was better. More on that later.

Ok here is my personally tweaked recipe:


3 cups Elderberries

6 cups water

6 cinnamon sticks

2 Tbsp whole cloves

Several pieces of fresh ginger root (less if you don’t like strong ginger flavor. Can sub minced ginger, ginger paste, or powder if necessary, but it’s not as good 😆)

1/4 cup Manuka honey (this is purely for the immune benefits. Regular honey can be used if you don’t want the Manuka)

Extra honey for taste


1. Add all ingredients except honey to Instant Pot and stir.

2. Add lid and make sure everything is sealed and locked.

3. Cook on manual setting for 30 minutes, then let steam naturally release (this means don’t flip the valve open when it’s done, just let the pressure come down).

4. Ensure all steam is released by flipping the valve and then open the lid. Strain contents into heat-safe bowl or jar.

5. Check temperature and make sure it is below 140 degrees at least before adding honey. I like the manuka for its health benefits, but I add extra honey for taste, since the manuka is expensive.

6. Mix well, and pour into your container of choice.

*Keep refrigerated. We’ve had ours at least 2-3 months keep fine, but I believe it will keep for approximately 6 months in the fridge.

*We take 1 Tbsp daily to help prevent sickness. If we get sick or feel like we’re coming down with something, we take 1 tsp every 1-3 hours until we’re recovered.

*I am not a doctor, nor is this medical advice. I am simply sharing what we have used with success.

*Be aware that consuming excessive amounts may have a laxative effect. 😬

The bottles I use:

The Instant Pot I currently use:

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