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Why are you not being cautious??

Guys, I know this sounds crazy. This is our 13th pregnancy. It’s kind of funny, because people keep offering me advice you would offer someone who has never been pregnant before, even something as simple as “are you taking prenatals?” Lol! Guys. I’ve been pregnant THIRTEEN times, and I’ve researched more than probably 99% of women all about pregnancy (at least the first trimester), morning sickness cures, fatigue combat-ers, superfoods full of nutrition, all of it.

Why is this one standing out to people? We are not living in fear.

This is also the source of a lot of judgment pointed at us. =(

Let me share with you what I read this morning, and although I’ve read this story countless times, usually each time begging God for my own miracle, I never noticed this one part.

It’s the story of Hannah asking God for a son. The Bible talks numerous times about these kinds of situations. In 1 Samuel 1:8 it literally says “…the Lord had kept her from conceiving.” WHAT? God literally holds fertility in his hands. Now don’t get me wrong, there are SO many things we can do to help our bodies do what they were created to do, but…at the end of the day, it’s up to him. He can keep a healthy person from conceiving, and he can give someone who “can never have children” ten kids.

But watch this…after Hannah prays in the temple and Eli thinks she’s drunk because she’s so distraught and praying silently, this little part of a verse hit me. (Hannah had previously not been eating and couldn’t be comforted, 1 Sam 1:7-8)

1 Sam. 1: 18 says that she replied to Eli, and “Then Hannah went on her way; she ate and no longer looked despondent.”

She had NO idea that God was actually going to answer her prayer, but she lived as though he would.

This is exactly the way we are living right now, and we are SO grateful for those who are alongside us in this! For those who still think it’s nuts, you are right. It doesn’t make any sense. But we have asked in faith for this miracle, and we will not live in fear. We will “eat (when baby lets me haha) and no longer look despondent.” Because God is faithful. God sees heartbreak. God controls my womb and every baby ever nestled inside of it.

We’re ready for you, miracle baby! <3

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