Trailer Trash Balderdash

“Letting yourself go”

Dear moms everywhere:
I’m sorry I ever used the phrase “let herself go” when I described what kind of mom I didn’t want to be. 
What I didn’t realize is that amazing moms do let themselves go… they let their makeup routine go.
Their showers.
Their finances.
Their shopping time.
They let go of things they used to do for themselves, and instead give themselves to little humans who need so much time and energy.
So next time I see you in the grocery store, and we’re both exhausted and have the same clothes we’ve been wearing for 3 days, dry shampoo that’s not really doing much anymore, and about 12 layers of deodorant caked on… I will remember. 
Letting yourself go makes you more beautiful than any makeup or snazzy outfit can ever do. 
And here’s to the precious few times we have the energy or time to feel put together! 🍹

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