Trailer Trash Balderdash


Life has been pretty insane here! We just got back from Dallas for the Norwex National Conference!

It was loads of fun, but I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d survive it lol! God was merciful and tons of people were praying, and I had a reprieve for a few days, but really started to feel ill the last couple of days, so by the time we got home late last night, it was pretty bad.

We spent the day recovering and Ben was trying to get some food and water in me, but I was fighting intense nausea all day, and unfortunately, the vomiting won out. Also, cheese and clementines are absolutely disgusting to throw up together. ? lol

The amazing thing is that on Saturday night, we decided to give our Doppler a whirl, even though a previous attempt a few days prior had failed, and it was still super early (9w5d ?). To our incredible shock, we FOUND BABY’s HEARTBEAT! I could barely believe it! There it was, beating away at a million mph (ok, 150-160 bpm), so strong and steady! I couldn’t stop the tears.

We have seen a heartbeat with our 4th baby, but it was very slow and the baby was dying.

We saw the heartbeat at 8.5 weeks with this little one, but didn’t get to hear it.

This was the first time we’ve ever been able to hear the heartbeat of our offspring. ?❤️

Today, we tried again, and after I searched and had no luck, Ben tried and totally found our little champ! We can hardly even stop listening, it’s like the most beautiful music we’ve ever heard. ❤️

God is so good!

For you baby junkies ?, here are our best little video clips:

Ok, that’s all the updates we have for now! 🙂

Thank you SO much to everyone who has been/is praying for us! It means the WORLD to us!! ??❤️

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