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First Ultrasound!

Last night, we anxiously entered the imaging place to go check on baby.

The ultrasound tech came in and introduced himself, and immediately my heart sank a bit that it would be a guy, as they’ve tended to be less sensitive in the past. He asked how many times I’ve been pregnant, and when I said 13, he stopped in his tracks and said “how many??”

I thought, here we go… I don’t feel like getting into this right now. ?

But he was actually super kind about it, and concerned and caring, so I know God put him on my case for a reason! He and the students were very sympathetic and kind.

So I laid down on the ultrasound table, and as it started to become real, and all the past ultrasounds I’ve had started flashing through my mind, I quickly had Ben come stand with me and I held onto his hand for dear life, praying for peace no matter what happened.

The ultrasound gel went on… the probe touched my belly. I closed my eyes and didn’t even try to look at the screen.

He said “oh look, there’s a heartbeat!” right away, and I lost it. ? Baby’s still alive, that’s good. My 4th baby had been alive with a heartbeat but was a week behind on growth and the heart rate was in the 60s, so I waited anxiously to hear more.

I dared to look at the screen, and I saw… a baby! Little limbs and everything! We’ve only ever been able to see a fetal pole… so I knew we were already ahead, but in the moment, all the “8 week ultrasound pictures” I had googled were failing me.

He said “oh yeah, your dates are right on (I had given my ovulation as later vs. last cycle start as calculation), you’re even measuring a couple days ahead.”

*massive sigh of relief*

Strong heartbeat of 166… thank you Jesus!

Ben was even able to see baby jump during the ultrasound! ?

The tech and students were so sweet, pointing out all of the things and parts, and we just sat there (me sobbing, and Ben choking back tears), as we watched our miracle baby on the screen. ?❤️

This is real. This baby is real. My miracle is real. God is actually doing this for us. ?

The tech had asked if we were on fertility treatments, and I was like nope, this was a surprise, and there have been absolutely zero interventions. This is a MIRACLE, y’all. I shouldn’t even be pregnant right now, much less at 8.5 weeks with no problems. ??

God is SO good.

The tech said with my history, he was going to skip the transvaginal part, for which I was grateful (personal reasons behind why I have a hard time with those ?), and I believe it was another God-thing.

As a funny side effect of that, however, I had a full bladder that didn’t get emptied for that second part of the US, so as I talked with my dear friend Erica on the way home (she stayed up til super late since she’s Eastern time, just to hear the news ❤️), she and her husband had me and Ben dying laughing… I swear I almost peed my pants. ??

We left with tears and pictures (I’m pretty sure the front desk girl thought I got bad news lol, I was still sobbing and wiping tears), which I’ll now flood you with. ❤️

Thank you all SO much for your prayers and support! We are so grateful! ❤️?❤️

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