Trailer Trash Balderdash

An announcement!

We are SO excited to announce…
Baby #13! 🎉

We are sharing this news early, because we have prayed long and hard for this child, and believe that God has finally answered our prayer for a rainbow baby! 🌈 
We covet your prayers 🙏🏼, but we do not desire any negativity, medical advice/suggestions, or judgment (we’ve received plenty over the last 5 years of losing 12 babies). 👼🏻
This has been an insanely long journey for us, and God has brought us to the point where our only option is to TRUST HIM. ❤️
There is NO medical reason for me to:
1. Be pregnant right now (due to health issues)
2. Have a strong early positive test
3. Have no problems for a week already
And yet, here we are. 😲
God is amazing, and miracles aren’t only in bible times, y’all! 🙌🏼
We are choosing to CELEBRATE this life, and we are planning for the arrival of little feet in 8 months…we refuse to live in fear of the unknown, because NOTHING is too hard for God! 💪🏼

Things we CAN use prayer for, if you want to know 🙏🏼:
1. I have been feeling exhaustion like I’ve never felt (I’m not new to crushing fatigue, but this is insane-other than 2 days where I was able to function for a part of them, I’ve basically been in bed). I have a lot of responsibilities on my plate with Ben’s business and my own, and maintaining a household (yep, even an RV takes a ton of work), so please pray for me to have energy, and Ben as he takes on even more than he already helps me with. 
2. Due to transferring insurance from Idaho to here, we hit a gap where we weren’t “allowed” to conceive yet lol, and so we will be facing 100% of the costs. We also would love recommendations for a local midwife, preferably birthing center, and bonus points if she’s a Christian and believes in miracles. 😉
3. Obviously a healthy baby! And for us to be able to figure out the whole living situation, since our trailer isn’t exactly designed with space for kids/another person lol!

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