Trailer Trash Balderdash

I’m baaaacckk!

Why hello there, it’s been quite awhile.

Most of you feel me about 2020 being an… interesting year. But the truth is, my year of shock, horror, and rough days began in July of 2019.

I’m not quite ready to share that story in detail yet, but it IS why I essentially disappeared.

I do feel it’s time I’m back on the blog train, though! Ready to share my life and some random and weird things along the way, from quick and easy Instant Pot meals, to health stuff I’m dealing with.

Over the last year, my already poor health deteriorated so badly that I am barely able to function. Add to that mold that we discovered in our rental house, leading to mold poisoning, and I feel like I’ve been pushed over the cliff I’ve been hanging onto for dear life for the last couple of years.

I started a mold detox August 19, and had NO idea it would hit me so hard. I was grateful I happened to start it about 20 minutes before Ben came home, because I crashed on the couch and couldn’t get up. I was SO sick. I was constantly missing days, juggling pills and unable to get out of bed and take care of Gideon…it’s been a nightmare. I neglected it for about a week before I restarted it Monday night, and WHOA, it was even worse than before. I couldn’t get out of bed except to barely get Gideon and nurse and change him and crawl back. It was horrendous, and the night ended with me puking my guts out. I am not really even sure how to survive this, but I know it has to happen, since the mold has really been preventing me from even addressing my other health issues, most importantly, my Hashimoto’s.

So that’s where I’m at… somewhere between frozen pizza from Costco because I can’t get out of bed, and trying to prepare meals from our locally grown organic produce box from our favorite farm, in an attempt to calm the inflammation in my body. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Anyway, I have some fun posts ahead, hopefully, where I’ve tried some new things out, and of course one of my favorite things to share is something new that I enjoy! =D I absolutely love trying new things!

So stay tuned, hopefully I can squeeze some fun in with the dreary topic of failing health. <3


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