Trailer Trash Balderdash

Bruner Family Camping Trip

Ben’s extended family on the Bruner side has been going to this campground for eons every year for a family reunion…it’s so fun to go (this is only the second time we’ve been able to make it) and hear him reminisce with family about the good ol’ days, memories as children, and then have the newest generation of nephlets play in the same spots as their dads did! <3

A favorite place: “the swimming hole” :p

Fun times to be had sitting around with family and pups!

The newest nephlet adventures!

Captured a few family photos before we had to skidaddle:

I had to bring some of my favorite Eek’s Attic wear for the trip! :p (both hats, the pineapple shirt, and bralette!)

Oh, and we gave Chewie a bath at the hotel stop on the way home…he was so dirty lol! Yay for the Norwex pet mitt, since we didn’t have puppy shampoo with us!

It was a rough trip, I was fighting to get through the days, and dealt with a lot of vomiting, but fortunately Ben was a gem and did everything…all I had to do was rest and relax! <3 I love that man!

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