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30 weeks!

Shark Ion Handheld Vacuum

Guys, this handvac is amazing! I never thought I could love one so much, but in usual Shark style, it has wowed us!! We had trouble with a traditional handvac style, because in an RV, getting into tight spots was really difficult, and it was super bulky…ugh.

This one is nice and slim, and also takes up almost no space in it’s charging dock with 2 included attachments!

Other great features:
*Bagless, easy emptying
*POWERFUL suction
*Pet hair tool is the bomb even if you don’t have pets (or you have non-shedding ones)…use on upholstery, bed, you name it

*Affiliate link: I get a tiny percent of your sale, at no additional cost to you. #financebabyGideon ?

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